This Friday & Saturday event is the largest annual fundraiser for Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue (TSBHR). Events open with the Basset Hound Olympics on Friday afternoon followed by a fabulous Country Club dinner and "Pawction" in the evening. Saturday is the big day! Ocean City's Doo Dah Parade kicks off at noon. TSBHR has the largest brigade in the parade consisting of you and your hounds! It is a sight to see...hundreds of Basset Hounds strutting down the streets and boardwalk of Ocean City, NJ. Immediately following the parade, join us for a picnic with food, vendors, games and awards. We hope you can come to all of the fantastic events on April 8 & 9!

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This Year's Grand Marshal is JANEY!

Janey came to TSBHR in May 2020 weighing only 28 lbs. She was skin and bones, found wandering in a rural Mississippi neighborhood where she had been visiting a back yard to steal cat food. Janey was starving. One of our wonderful MS fosters took her in and our local MS vet nursed her back to health. Her medical journey was a long one...anemia, high WBC counts, spay, 14 teeth removed, a mass on her gums and if that was not enough, Janey has "buck shot" in her…yes, she was shot with a shotgun! She was fostered and adopted by Steve Rodia and Donna Testa but Janey's health issues did not end there. She has had mammary cancer twice requiring radical mammary chain removals and chemotherapy. 

Janey is a survivor whose spirit has never been broken.  She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever saved and a true example of what a rescue dog is. Steve and Donna have volunteered for TSBHR for many years, have adopted 11 dogs from us, have fostered 4 hospice dogs, and have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the hounds in need. They have most recently taken in our famous boy Barney, who survived for two weeks on his own after his owner had passed away. Steve has a vivid imagination and likes to tell tall tales about Janey to make up for her unknown past. He gives her colorful and entertaining stories. Due to her
unsurpassed beauty, his favorite story is that Janey is a retired beauty queen who has won many pageant crowns! It is a loving way to soften the blow of all this dog has been through. Congratulations, Janey, our 2022 Grand Marshal for TSBHR’s BoardWaddle in the 35th annual Ocean City Doo Dah Parade!


UPDATE: Online shirt sales have closed. You can purchase shirts at these in-person BoardWaddle events: Basset Hound Olympics on Friday, April 8th and at the Parade registration and the Picnic on Saturday, April 9th.

Waddle Shirts are a must-have, and this year's design is FABULOUS! NEVER BEFORE have we featured THREE Grand Marshals on ONE SHIRT! Featuring 2020 Grand Marshal  Alfred Cromie, 2021 Grand Marshals Gaby and Lili Goldstein Van Keuren, and of course 2022 Grand Marshal Janey, this shirt's Ocean City postcard style logo is available in three styles and two colors. (A little something for everyone!)  Order yours now before we sell out of popular sizes. Note: Online shirt sales end on Tuesday, April 5th at 5:00pm, est. After this date you can purchase shirts at these BoardWaddle events: Basset Hound Olympics on Friday, April 8th, Parade registration and the Picnic on Saturday, April 9th.

 How to Donate

Start Collecting Pledges NOW!  Download a Pledge Sheet , or share this link with friends & family:  https://rebrand.ly/BoardWaddle . Be sure to tell them to enter your dog's name so the pledge gets credited to YOUR FUNDRAISING TOTAL!


We are in sincere awe of the generous support we have received during such difficult times. Any and every dollar donated matters when it comes to saving hounds in need! In traditional Tri-State fashion, here are our top donors for the 2021 BoardWaddle:

  • Dell & Linda Cromie
  • Donna Testa & Steve Rodia
  • Jay & Connie Lieberman
  • Dawn VanKeuren, Gaby & Lili
  • Sally Long Dog
  • Phil & Angela Villari
  • Nancy Ganen-Bond
  • Denise Mattia
  • Krista Beck
  • Glen Gibbs, Leigh Meunier and Victor Stango (3-way tie)

We would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions. We would not be able to continue to rescue dogs without YOUR support. 

Want to be on this list next year? Start Collecting Pledges NOW! Download a Pledge Sheet ,  or share this link with friends & family: https://rebrand.ly/BoardWaddle. Be sure to tell them to enter your dog's name so the pledge gets credited to YOUR FUNDRAISING TOTAL!





UPDATE: Online ticket sales for the Pawction have closed.

When: Friday, April 8 at 6:00pm
Where: Greate Bay Country Club | 901 Mays Landing Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244

Cost: $30 per adult or $15 per child (must be paid in advance)
The "Pawction" includes one of a kind Basset-themed items!
We will also have a Raffle table with some fabulous items and a 50/50!
Casual attire. Cash bar. Note: Dogs are not permitted at this venue. Note: Pawction ticket sales close on Tuesday, April 5th at 12:00pm, est. Tickets will not be available at the door.


Can't attend the Pawction in person? Email your proxy bids to Valerie@tristatebassets.org for certain items! See the list of items HERE

 Welcome Back Waddle Quilt Raffle

UPDATE: Online quilt raffle tickets have closed. You can purchase quilt raffle tickets at these in-person BoardWaddle events: Pawction Dinner on Friday, April 8th and at the Parade registration on Saturday, April 9th.

In anticipation of our first in-person BoardWaddle after a two year hiatus, we have an amazing raffle prize from a great friend for one very lucky winner!  A Kathy Frisch original, this 68x70 quilt is a walk down BoardWaddle memory lane. It features BoardWaddle shirts years 1999 through 2021. A huge thank you to the supporters who donated shirts to help this masterpiece come to life: Angelika Hastings, Belinda Lanphear, Dawn Van Keuren, Karen Kohl and Suzanne Fitch. Each panel is either the printed or embossed logo from that BoardWaddle year, hand crafted and donated by Kathy Frisch in memory of her beloved Bella (2014 BoardWaddle Grand Marshal). A truly heartfelt thank you to Kathy Frisch for this beautiful quilt. This one of a kind item can be yours! Online quilt raffle ticket sales will end on Wednesday, April 6th at 5:00pm, est. The quilt will be on display and tickets will also be available to purchase in-person at the Pawction Dinner on Friday, April 8th and at Parade registration on the morning of Saturday, April 9th. The drawing will take place at the BoardWaddle Picnic on the afternoon of Saturday, April 9th (you do not need to be present to win). Ticket prices are $5 for 1, $25 for 10, $50 for 100 or $100 for 200.  Note: Each ticket purchase is considered an individual transaction and cannot be combined with any previous ticket purchases.

Proceeds from this raffle support the hounds in need! 


  • EVERYONE and EVERY DOG BREED is welcome to join the parade!
  • All dogs must be current on vaccines (bring a copy of your dog's records).
  • Bassets & Basset-Mixes can participate in the Olympics.
  • Owners must be responsible for their dogs (please clean up after them).
  • TSBHR is not responsible for damage/harm incurred to any dog/person.
  • Sales of animals of any kind are not permitted.
  • If your dog gets tired during the parade, hitch a ride on our "Pooped Pup" Truck!
  • All of the events are rain or shine! Check our socials for real time updates:
  • Register for events on our website or mail in a paper form:


Put together a list of potential donors (family, friends, coworkers, etc.). Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask them to support the rescue!
Set a fundraising goal and continue to raise it right up until the Waddle!
You and your donors can submit donations online, mail them or bring them to the Parade.
Make your hotel reservations.
Make your costumes & parade floats to enter in the Picnic contests!
Check the weather and prepare for the possibility of cooler temps!
Bring water and bowls for your Waddlers and blankets/chairs for the Picnic!
Sign up for the "Senior Express" if your older hound can't walk the parade!



Basset Hound Olympics

  • When: Registration starts at 12:00pm & the games begin at 1:00pm
  • Where: Ocean City Tabernacle grounds (corner of E. 6th Street & Asbury Avenue)
  • Events: 10-Meter Sprint, 15-Meter Hurdles, High Jump (set at 6" to start) & Obstacle Course. Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • Medals Awarded to the Winners!
  • Snacks/drinks available or bring your own food

Dinner & Pawction

  • When: 6:00pm
  • Where: Greate Bay Country Club
    901 Mays Landing Road
    Somers Point, NJ 08244
  • Cost: $30 per adult or $15 per child
    (must be paid in advance)
  • The "Pawction" includes one of a kind Basset-themed items!
  • We will also have a Raffle table with some fabulous items and a 50/50!
  • Order tickets online
  • Casual attire
  • Note: Dogs are not permitted at this venue.





BoardWaddle Parade Registration

  • When: Registration is 10:00am to 11:45am
  • Where: Ocean City Tabernacle grounds (corner of E. 6th Street & Asbury Avenue)
  • Head to the Registration table to hand in your pledges and check in with our volunteers
  • Purchase your t-shirts & hoodies!
  • Snacks/drinks available or bring your own food

BoardWaddle Parade

  • When: The parade begins at 12:00pm
  • Where: Line up at Asbury Avenue & E. 6th Street (in front of the fire house)
  • Parade Route: Walk down Asbury Avenue from 6th Street to E. 12th Street; turn left on E. 12th Street and go to the Boardwalk; turn left on the Boardwalk and head back to E. 6th Street for the Picnic!
  • Show off your hounds and strut your stuff down the streets and boardwalk!


  • When: After the parade 1:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Where: Football field next to the Civic Center (840 E. 6th Street)
  • TSBHR store selling NEW merchandise!
  • Arts/crafts vendors with a variety of merch available for purchase
  • Snacks/drinks available or bring your own food
  • Live music! Live search dog demos!
  • Contests for best parade floats & costumes
  • Basset games and more!
  • Click HERE for a list of our local business partners that will be at the picnic!



To Ocean City from the North — Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 30. Go straight, including around the circle and over the bridge. The bridge becomes 9th Street. Turn left onto Asbury and travel to 6th Street. The Tabernacle is located on the corner of 6th & Asbury. (spot for the Olympics and Parade start)

To Ocean City from the South — Take I-95 North to Route 40 East, then to Route 55 South. Take Route 55 South to Route 49 East and follow signs to Ocean City.

To Ocean City from the West — Take the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 7S, onto the Garden State Parkway South. Follow directions for North, above.

To Greate Bay Country Club from Ocean City — Go back over the bridge into Somers Point going around the circle and onto Mays Landing Road.
The Country Club will be on the right-hand side (the Sonesta ES Suites is on the left).


Mail in a paper registration form.

BASSET OLYMPICS - FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 2022 - 12:00pm*
No registration needed for your competing hounds. Basset Hounds and Basset Hound mixes are welcome to compete. We do not have a hoagie lunch option this year, but will have snacks/drinks available or bring your own food.
*In the event of inclement weather, we may opt to have the Basset Olympics at the Picnic following the Parade on Saturday. Please check our Facebook page for real-time updates: https://www.facebook.com/TSBHR

Registration is REQUIRED for the Dinner/Pawction! We need the head count to give
to the restaurant in advance. Dogs are not permitted at this venue. Attire is casual.
Registration due by March 27th - Order tickets now!

Purchase t-shirts (crewneck) & hoodies (zip-up) online featuring the fabulous 2022 logo.
Pre-orders due by March 27th! Also available for purchase at the Basset Olympics, Parade Registration and the Picnic.  Note: Popular sizes tend to sell out quickly.


BoardWaddle FAQs

  • Are dogs allowed at all of the events?
    The only event that dogs are not permitted is the Pawction Dinner on Friday night. Only Basset Hounds and Basset Hound Mixes may participate in the Basset Olympics. Every dog breed is welcome at the Parade and Picnic!
  • Can I purchase tickets to the Pawction Dinner at the door?
    No. You must purchase Pawction Dinner tickets in advance (via our website or paper registration form).
  • Are all outdoor events rain or shine?
    In the event of inclement weather, we may opt to have the Basset Olympics at the Picnic following the parade on Saturday. Please check our Facebook page for real-time updates: https://www.facebook.com/TSBHR. The Parade and Picnic will go on rain or shine.
  • Will there be food to purchase at the Basset Olympics,  Parade Registration and Picnic?
    There will be snacks/drinks available for a small donation to TSBHR. You can also bring your own food or visit one of the many places on Asbury Ave and the Boardwalk: https://oceancityvacation.com/places-to-eat.html.
  • How do my BoardWaddle pledges help the rescue?
    Pledges go to the rescue fund to pay for the dogs currently in our care (e.g., spay/neuter, monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives, all veterinary bills, transport costs, medications, etc.) and to save more dogs in need.
  • Have a senior dog who cannot walk the entire parade route?
    Sign them up in advance for a spot on the “Senior Express” so they can ride in a truck/trailer, walk the parade until they get tired and hitch a ride on the “Pooped Pup Truck” or pull them in a wagon!
  • Do I need to sign up in advance for the costume/parade float contests and Basset games?
    ​No. Just show up to the Picnic after the Parade and sign up at the contest/games registration table.

Have Additional Questions?




UPDATE: All spots for the Senior Express have been reserved!

Do you have a senior dog who cannot walk in the parade? You and your senior can ride in luxury on our Senior Express for a $25 donation! (ONE human per hound)

Spaces are extremely limited and are assigned first-com/first-served. Make your reservation now!