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Hi! My name is York. I am a very young 12-year-old, male…a very handsome basset mix. I was found in a Kentucky Shelter Slated to be euthanized and TSBHR rescued me in May of 2014. I was adopted out and sadly I was returned rather quickly because they called me a toy hoarder and said that I was toy aggressive. I love toys and I do not understand why that is a bad thing. I collect them in my bed and carry them with me at all times. It could be a very expensive toy or my foster moms wash cloth, but it is mine and no one can touch it! I have been in long term foster care for a long time. I need a very special type of adopter that understand my special behavioral needs. I am living with the most amazing foster mom and dad and they understand me and love for exactly who I am! I am a very independent boy, but I love my snuggle time on the couch with my family. I will always greet you with a toy in my mouth. Will you help me get more toys? Please….Love, York

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