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My foster dad calls me a diva. When you're as special as I am, it's to be expected. A couple years ago my old family moved to the city. The move and the new environment really stressed me out and I admit that I was being very difficult. I wish they had helped me deal with the stress but they decided to surrender me to TSBHR instead. I am a 10 year old senior year with particular tastes. I often have ear infections. I have been adopted several times but was returned to TSBHR because they just weren't right for me. That's the diva in me. I want what I want. But don't get me wrong about being a diva, I am also sweet and loving to those I trust and even though I do love my foster dad, I feel my most comfortable with women. They seem to understand my diva needs more than men. I like who I like. My likes? I'm glad you asked. I prefer dogs that are smaller than me and get along well with my foster brothers and sisters. (Big dogs are a little scary to me.) I also like attention in the form of belly rubs. My favorite thing is to be allowed up on the sofa, find a warm spot (preferably where you had been seated), and curl up next to you. Molly Moo is considered a forever foster. Her temperament has deemed her unsafe to place for adoption but Molly has found a place where her foster family understands and respects her. Tri-State has taken care of Molly and all her medical needs for the last 3 years and will continue to do so for the rest of her life. Molly may be difficult at times but dogs like her still deserve a chance to be happy and live out their lives.

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