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Lucy Lu was a transfer to Tri State from a southern basset rescue that we work with often in the south. We had a hospice foster spot open so we took on Lucy's case. Lucy was diagnosed with bladder cancer while under the care of the other rescue. Once she was brought north she was taken for a second opinion and some further testing where she had an ultra sound and a biopsy done of the mass in her bladder. Turns out Lucy did not have bladder cancer at all, just a huge stone that we had removed. Lucy suffers from severe arthritis and Cushing's disease. Her Cushing's is controlled with daily medication, she is on special food to make sure her stones do not return and Lucy takes daily supplements and pain meds because some days it is hard for her to walk. All of these things add up but Lucy is a sweet girl who deserves the best and she will remain in our care for the rest of her life.

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