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Wait a minute… that’s a Beagle, not a Basset! Yes folks, sometimes we just cannot say no and have to step up and save dogs other than Bassets and Basset mixes. Ollie is approximately 7-8 year old Beagle that came into a Mississippi shelter with a huge gash across his chest. After getting stitched up, we took him in thanks to our amazing network of Southern foster homes. Further testing revealed that Ollie has an extremely enlarged heart, which has pushed on his chest wall so much that his two front legs bow out! The perpetrator to the heart issue is unfortunately not a surprise… his poor ticker is ravaged by heartworms. Pulmonary issues also plague our little Beagle buddy and he has a terrible, chronic cough. And to top it off, Ollie also has a torn muscle on his right back knee that causes him to limp. He has settled into foster care, but Ollie is still very skittish and runs from any situation where he feels threatened. Ollie has suffered from years of neglect and mistreatment. However, his foster mom says that Ollie has a gentle soul. He is great with all the other animals and the kids in his foster home. He can be playful at times, but his favorite things are napping, sunning on the porch, going for car rides, keeping his nose to the ground and sounding the Beagle alarm when he has found a good scent! Ollie's heart is too weak right now to go through heart worm treatment. Because of his medical concerns, our little Ollie will most likely have to spend his days in hospice care. Ollie will always have the care, love and attention he needs. All of this could have been prevented if this sweet dog was given a monthly heart worm preventative.

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