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Sweet, sweet Guido came to the attention of Tristate Basset Rescue back in February of 2020. A person who could no longer care for him due to himself having health issues with, so Guido was destined to be sent to the local animal shelter. Guido was estimated to be 10 years old was quickly taken in by a wonderful foster in Birmingham Alabama, who rushed him to the vet, were 10 lbs of fluid was drained from him, yes 10 lbs. He felt so much better and the vet deemed he could travel north to his permanent foster home. Guido was seen by his vet in Pennsylvania where he was diagnosed with liver failure, he was put on prescription food and special medication for the rest of his life. Guido is taking it day by day, enjoying the kindness and love of his foster family. He loves to chew on his chewy toys and hang out on this foster family's couch. He is a total love bug who enjoys giving kisses. In October 2020 Guido stopped eating. A vet visit and bloodwork showed that his liver enzymes were so high that they couldn't even register it. But, his foster family was not ready to give up on Guido. With different meds, prescription food and lots of love and care, Guido continues to astound all.

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