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Shelby and Milo were local owner surrenders because their owner could no longer care for their needs. Shelby and Milo were bonded, so we placed them in a foster home together. Milo was reported to be 14 years old and Shelby 12. This year Milo left for the rainbow bridge, leaving Shelby behind. Early on Shelby was suffering from some thyroid issues but landed in the best foster home where she has thrived and is doing amazingly well. Their foster mom takes the most beautiful pictures; this is Shelby and her love Milo together. She is a low low key dog who is happy to have love and a place to lay her head for the rest of her life. Long term fosters like Shelby still require monthly preventatives and vet visits to keep them healthy. TSBHR will take care of her for the rest of her life.

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