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Bo came to us more than 2 years ago as a hospice boy. Bo,we are told was 18+ years old! Bo is so happy and independent, but he also likes to keep on a routine. He has a best friend here, a little guy named Frankie. Bo likes to get up around 9AM and wants to run around in the big yard and explore for a bit. Once Bo has finished checking out his favorite spots in the yard, he returns to the sanctuary and waits at the door for me to let him inside for breakfast and a good long nap. Bo is a bit bossy, and he has every right to be at his age. Sweet old Bo is a unique looking guy with his long body and short legs, and he has a large head with silly eyes that appear to be singing. Bo’s mental capacity has diminished a lot and he has the carefree puppy-like attitude often as he examines the plants and flowers as if this was his first time seeing them. He runs and moves his old body like a carefree youngster most days. Bo visited his vet recently and they are amazed when they hear his strong and regular heartbeat. Although he does have some issues with fluid and chest congestion that requires medication old Bo is still going strong. Bo and I have a strong bond. He can not hear but he will often stop his wandering and looks around to see if I am trying to get his attention. If he looks my way and sees me motioning for him, my sweet friend turns and happily runs to me. Bo is a very special guy who has won the hearts of many.

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