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Senior bagel Charlie holds the record for being the longest dog not placed in a forever home with Tri State. Charlie came into TS 6 years ago and early on bounced several times due to some serious behavioral problems. He spent many years in boarding till TS changed hands. Charlie just needed a chance and someone not to give up! Charlie lives with the president of TS. He is full of energy, loves to go for long walks and loves to watch squirrels. Charlie lives with cats and 9 other dogs! He has since mellowed out, had some formal training and has even participated in lure chasing and barn hunt (of course no animals were harmed in that)! All of Charlie's behavioral needs have been taken care of along with all his vetting, monthly preventatives and food for a very long time now. We have recently decided to moved Charlie’s adoption status to hospice. Charlie is now 13 1/2 years old and has been in his current foster home for over 3 years. At this point in his life he has finally become part of the pack and we feel moving him again would just upset this. TS will take care of Charlie for the rest of his life.

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