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Flash is a sassy senior who is full of life and personality! Flash was pulled from a local NJ shelter at the age of 10 years old, 4 years ago. He came to us with a horrible ear infection that has become a chronic lifelong battle. He takes his antibiotic injections like a champ, and puts up with ear cleanings without the slightest fuss. Flash also suffers from Addison's disease and takes daily medication to control it and gets routine blood work to make sure his medicine is working properly. He recently had a dental where he lost 16 teeth. In spite of all his health issues he is a sweet boy who is enjoying life to the fullest. We recently pulled Flash as adoptable to hospice. At 14 years old and after 4 years with the same foster he deserves to live out his days there where he is comfortable and happy. We continue to manage his chronic ear infections and Addison's disease. Flash still loves to go for walks and greets everyone he meets with a tail wag!

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